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    [Lynda] Learning Art Direction [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Game Design Careers with Brenda Romero [ENG-RUS]
    [SVS] Illustrating Children's Books Part 2 [ENG-RUS]

    [Uartsy] Artistic Anatomy in ZBrush [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Sculpting Female Legs in ZBrush [ENG-RUS]
    [New Masters Academy] The Structure of the Head Part 1 [ENG-RUS]

    [New Masters Academy] Perspective 1: An Introduction [ENG-RUS]
    [Foundation Patreon] Introduction to Color [ENG-RUS]

    [The Gnomon Workshop] Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch 1 [ENG-RUS]
    [The Gnomon Workshop] Designing and Rendering Fantasy Characters in Pencil [ENG-RUS]
    [Proko] Figure drawing fundamentals [ENG-RUS]


    [SVS] Digital Painting 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [Скулизм] Critiques: Fundamentals of Lighting [ENG-RUS]
    [Skillfeed] Drawing Wrinkles and Realistic Clothing in Photoshop [ENG-RUS]

    [SVS] Drawing Animals: Mammal Edition [ENG-RUS]
    [The Gnomon Workshop] The Techniques of Dylan Cole 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [The Gnomon Workshop] Mechanical Character Design in Photoshop [ENG-RUS]
    [Robotpencil] Adding Lighting to Your Lines [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Observed Color [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Grayscale to Color [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Direct Color [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Refined Color [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Imaginary Color [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Costume Design [ENG-RUS]
    [CTRL+PAINT] Arena Design [ENG-RUS]
    [SVS] Lighting for Storytelling [ENG-RUS]
    [The Art Of Aaron Blaise] Painting Clouds in Photoshop [ENG-RUS]
    [The Art Of Aaron Blaise] Painting Photo Real Creatures in Photoshop 2 The Forest Queen [ENG-RUS]
    [The Art Of Aaron Blaise] How to Draw Animals Big Cats [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Part Two: Illustrating Colossus [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Character Illustration for Film Part 1 [ENG-RUS]
    [Sycra] Foundations of Light and Shadow [ENG-RUS]
    [SVS] Creative Environment Design [ENG-RUS]
    [Uartsy] Mastering Light and Form [ENG-RUS]
    [SVS] Drawing Villains and Monsters [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Painter 2016 Essential Training [ENG-RUS]

    [3DMotive] Creating a Puzzle Game in Unity Volume 4 [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Creating a Puzzle Game in Unity Volume 5 [ENG-RUS]
    [Udemy] Learn to Code by Making Games The Unreal Engine Developer Part 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 1 [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Exterior Environment in UE4 Volume 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Mecanim Animation [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Pathfinding [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Tree Creation [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of 2D Development [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of UI Design [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Physics [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Lighting [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of Materials and Textures [ENG-RUS]
    [CGCookie] Intro to Unity: Fundamentals of the Unity Interface [ENG-RUS]
    [Pluralsight] Making a VR Experience in Unreal Engine 4 [ENG-RUS]
    [Udemy] Learn to Code by Making Games The Complete Unity Developer Part 7 [ENG-RUS]
    [WorldOfLevelDesign] UE4 How To Create Custom Decals [ENG-RUS]
    [WorldOfLevelDesign] UE4 The Corridor Project [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Indie Game Development Pipeline Volume 6 [ENG-RUS]
    [Udemy] Unity 5 Professional Guide Mastering C# Programming [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Introduction to AI and Navigation Systems in Unreal Engine [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Building an Interactive Day Night Cycle Game in Unreal Engine [ENG-RUS]

    [cmiVFX] Nuke Advanced Relighting and Retexturing [ENG-RUS]

    [School of Motion] Animation Bootcamp Week 1-2 [ENG-RUS]
    [School of Motion] Animation Bootcamp Week 3-4 [ENG-RUS]

    [MVFilmSchool] Music Video: Film School [ENG-RUS]
    [Masterclass] Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting [ENG-RUS]

    [Pluralsight] Getting Started with Motion Graphics for NUKE [ENG-RUS]
    [HollyWood Camera Works] Directing Actors Volume 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [HollyWood Camera Works] Directing Actors Volume 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Introduction to After Effects for Compositors [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] DaVinci Resolve 12 Essential Training Updates [ENG-RUS]
    [Pluralsight] Introduction to Particles in NUKEX [ENG-RUS]
    [SkillShare] Create A Motion Comic [ENG-RUS]
    [Skillshare] Indie Filmmaking Achieving the Blockbuster Look on a DIY Budget [ENG-RUS]
    [Full Time Filmmaker] Become a Full Time Filmmaker [ENG-RUS]
    [Masterclass] Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting [ENG-RUS]
    [Shane Hurlbut] Advanced Cinematography Kit [ENG-RUS]
    [Udemy] Video Editing. Inspire your audience with creative flair [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] DaVinci Resolve Guru: Mastering Scopes [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Your First Day of Tracking in NUKE [ENG-RUS]

    [Udemy] Animation in Twelve BLANK Lessons [ENG-RUS]
    [CG Master Academy] Digital Painting Workshop [ENG-RUS]

    [Lynda] Drawing Vector Graphics: Patterns [ENG-RUS]

    [Gumroad] Intro To ZBrush 4R7 Part 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [Udemy] Introduction to 3D Coat [ENG-RUS]

    [Gumroad] Hand Painting a Sci-Fi Rifle [ENG-RUS]
    [Allegorithmic] MDL in Substance Designer 5.5 [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Map Baking Techniques in Maya LT [ENG-RUS]

    [Uartsy] Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4 [ENG-RUS]
    [cmiVFX] Substance Painter In Action [ENG-RUS]
    [Pluralsight] Stylized Texturing in Substance Painter [ENG-RUS]
    [Michael Pavlovich] Substance Painter Quick Start [ENG-RUS]
    [Michael Pavlovich] Substance Designer Quick Start [ENG-RUS]
    [Uartsy] Sculpting Animals [ENG-RUS]
    [The Gnomon Workshop] Advanced Visual Effects Techniques [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Substance Designer Workflow Volume 1-2 [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Quick Start to Animation in CINEMA 4D: Volume 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Quick Start to Animation in CINEMA 4D: Volume 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Maya 2017 Essential Training [ENG-RUS]

    [Eat3D] Animating with Maya for Games and More [ENG-RUS]

    [Gumroad] Intro to World Machine [ENG-RUS]
    [CG Elves] Conquering Sleeves Workshop [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Up and Running with Plant Factory [ENG-RUS]
    [CGWorkshops] Look Development and Image Based Lighting Fundamentals [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Joint-Based Facial Rigging in Maya [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Marvelous Designer For Concept Art [ENG-RUS]
    [Grant Warwick] Mastering Lighting Lessons 5 [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] 3D Coat Hard Surface Basics [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] 3D Coat Hard Surface Character [ENG-RUS]
    [ChaosGroup] Introducing VRay for MODO [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Speed Modeling and Texturing [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Fusion 360 Quickstart [ENG-RUS]
    [CGcircuit] Skinning with nCloth Part I [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Blade Tutorial [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Blade Tutorial Extended Edition [ENG-RUS]
    [AgenZasBrothers] Movie Scene Creation in Blender 3D [ENG-RUS]
    [SideFX] Houdini 15 Masterclass Crowds [ENG-RUS]
    [Joshua Lynch] Herringbone Bricks: Part 2 [ENG-RUS]
    [Joshua Lynch] Herringbone Bricks: Part 3 [ENG-RUS]
    [Joshua Lynch] Fundamental Concepts With Substance Designer [ENG-RUS]
    [Allegorithmic] Substance Designer 5.4 features and creating a wood material [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Learn Adobe Fuse CC: The Basics [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Modo Advanced: Spider Truck [ENG-RUS]
    [CG Elves] Dresses Workshop [ENG-RUS]
    [CG Elves] Shirts, Tops & Hoodies Workshop [ENG-RUS]
    [Allan Mckay] FX Technical Director Transformation Module 06 [ENG-RUS]
    [Pluralsight] Exploring Human Muscles Setup in Maya [ENG-RUS]
    [Uartsy] ZBrush 4R7 Certification [ENG-RUS]
    [3DMotive] Learn Texture Creation In PixPlant [ENG-RUS]
    [Richard Yot] The Modo Shading Masterclass Part 1 [ENG-RUS]
    [сmiVFX] Creature Creators Handbook Volume 1 [ENG-RUS]
    [Gumroad] Modeling and Sculpting Environments for Video Games [ENG-RUS]
    [lynda] SketchUp 2017 Essential Training [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Creating Realistic Clothing in ZBrush [ENG-RUS]
    [The Gnomon Workshop] Hyper-real Insect Design [ENG-RUS]
    [Digital Tutors] Map Baking Techniques for Games in Maya [ENG-RUS]



    [CreativeLive] Understanding Light [ENG-RUS]
    [SlickforceSystem] Mastering Lighting [ENG-RUS]

    [AskVideo] Music Scoring: Creating Moods and Styles [ENG-RUS]
    [Lynda] Introduction to Music in Film and Video [ENG-RUS]

    [Rob Tuytel] Creating 3D environments Old Masters Unveiled [ENG-RUS]
    [Andreas Deja] The Nine Old Men [ENG-RUS]
    [Pablander] A Guide To: Getting Started With Sculptris [ENG-RUS]
    [Pablander] A Guide To: Mastering The UV Master [ENG-RUS]
    [Steve Santello, Alan R. Stagner] Building an RPG with Unreal [ENG-RUS]

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